Top 3 Drinks to Help Lose Weight

weight loss drinks

A lot of people don’t realize how many calories they get each day from what they drink.

Just switching over to certain drinks can make big changes to your weight and how you feel.

In this article we identify 3 drinks that help with weight loss and explain how they work.

Detox Juices

Green Smoothie

Detox juices are drinks that you can easily make at home with fruits and vegetables.

These drinks can provide dramatic health benefits and contribute to sustainable weight loss.

The benefits from juicing are that your body can absorb a much higher amount of the vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits that are freshly juiced than you would get from eating them raw.

Important fruits like berries and citrus fruits provide essential antioxidants to help the body purge unhealthy free radicals. Green vegetables and high-fiber root foods help to cleanse the digestive systems and remove toxins.

A blend of these fruits and greens offer a significant number of health benefits and improve body functions that contribute to weight loss.

Vegetable Juices

green juice

Cruciferous Vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, and collard greens contain a compound called indole 3 cabinol that helps balance hormone levels in the body.

Cruciferous and leafy greens vegetables are great for mixing together in vegetables juices to get rich phytonutrients which help with inflammation,  improved blood sugar, and metabolic function.

Vegetable juices have significant benefits for the body, overall health, and long term weight loss. Related: Vegetable that burns fat Image source

Green Tea

green tea

Green tea has wonderful antioxidants and has the added benefit of boosting the metabolism.

Green tea also contains natural flavonoids called catechins that have been studied for its support in improving weight loss and fat burn.

Researchers have looked at green tea’s ability to help muscles burn fat more efficiently and help stimulate metabolic function. It also is believed to help the body with the release of fat from fat cells which obese people have greater difficulty with.

The 3 Week Diet
weight loss drinks smoothies
Overall, adding in fresh fruit and vegetables juicing provides an easy and fast way to to get a significant number of important vitamins and minerals that most people are not getting. Juicing will improve not only your overall health but also give a boost to your weight loss plan.

A popular juicing solution that is both tasty and nutritious is to mix your green vegetables with fruit into the smoothie and add in a source of protein like nuts or protein powder.

For an extra boost to your weight loss plan add in green tea to your daily routine.

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