9 Truths About Your Metabolism

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Do you want to lose weight but struggle to get results?

If you want to lose weight then you need to know how the metabolism works.

First, let us clarify the confusion between Metabolism vs. Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR).

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is dependent on the amount of muscle tissue vs. fat tissue that your body has, which results in how calories are used.

Whereas, metabolism refers to the process that your body uses to break down food into energy.

In this article, we discuss 9 truths about the metabolism to help you AVOID the MAJOR MISTAKES that people make when it comes to weight loss.

The Thyroid Gland controls the metabolism

Metabolism Thyroid

While your metabolism determines the rate at which your body is able to break down food into energy, it is the Thyroid gland that communicates with the brain and regulates the metabolism.

An under-active Thyroid makes it more difficult to lose weight as it causes a slower metabolic rate.

Now that we understand how the body processes fat, it is time to answer the common questions about the metabolism and fat burn:

Cutting calories Doesn’t Always Cause Weight Loss

metabolism mistake - dieting

Many people try to reduce their calorie intake when trying to lose weight.

What they don’t realize is that when you eat less you are losing lean tissue which can lower your basal metabolic rate.

The lesson to learn is to avoid crash diets. The better way to lose weight is to increase your lean muscle mass which will naturally increase your BMR and the calories burned.

Another effective tip is to eat smaller meals more frequently rather than cutting calories. The frequent, smaller meals will allow your body to effectively process the foods and result in less calorie storage.

Thin People Don’t Always Have Faster Metabolisms

Metalobism boost skinny

In fact, there are skinny people with low metabolisms who just don’t eat much and there are heavy people with very high metabolism who eat a lot.

A more important factor is body size and muscle composition.

The amount of fat tissue vs. muscle tissue will determine how much food you need in order to function. (Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue which results in less calories stored as fat).

Lean Tissue Burns More Calories Than Fat Does

Muscle Metabolism Booster

Yes, it is true that lean muscle tissue can actually burn calories while you sleep.

Your key body organs like the brain and kidneys need energy while your sleep. Muscle and the digestive tract don’t use much energy when your body is resting.

It is estimated that muscle tissue consumes up to 10x more calories than fat tissue.

Regular Exercise Boosts Metabolism ?

Metabolism Booster- working out

An increase in physical activity will increase your basal metabolic rate(BMR) which will result in more calories burned.

Resistance weight training in the most effective way to increase your basal metabolic rate because you are building muscle tissue.

The greater your BMR then the greater your body will burn calories which results in less fat storage.

Do Men Have Higher BMRs than Women ?

Faster Metabolism Men

Yes, it is true that men naturally have a higher muscle mass composition than women and therefore men has a higher Basal Metabolic Rate than women and therefore burn more calories.

Metabolism Slows As We Age ?

Overweight older woman

Yes, it is true that your metabolic rate gradually slows down as we age since we naturally lose muscle tissue as we age.

The other factor for BMR decrease is that most people tend to do less physical activity as they age.

It is estimated that your BMR decreases 2% every 10 years starting in your 20’s.

Do Genetics Affect Metabolism ?

Metabolism factor DNA

We all know someone who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight.

Unfortunately, genetics are a factor in how your body burns calories and natural metabolic rate.

If you take the time to learn about your own body’s metabolic rate and maintain muscle mass then you can help keep the weight off.

 Change Your Metabolism with Stimulants ?

metabolism boosters coffee

Yes, medical experts have said that you can boost your Basal Metabolic Rate by up to 3% by drinking an 8oz cup of coffee prior to workouts.

An alternative is Green Tea which also helps with metabolic activity.

Also, spicy foods can cause a slight increase in BMR by stimulating the body’s core temperature.

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