7 Bizarre Celebrity Diets

celebrity diet tips

We love to read stories about how celebrities stay fit and lose weight.

Yes, celebrities have access to the top fitness and nutrition experts but do all of their diet methods really work ?

In this article we examine 7 bizarre celebrity endorsed foods and diets to see what the health experts (and science) say about them .

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Megan Fox said she uses apple cider vinegar because “it just cleanses out your system entirely”. Yes, there are claims that apple cider vinegar helps weight loss and reduces blood sugar spikes.

In 2009, a small study of 175 people found that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar resulted in moderate weight loss after 12 weeks.

A few small studies showed that apple cider vinegar did help with blood sugar levels, but the studies were very small.

CONCLUSION: The research studies are small and not conclusive on how effective apple cider vinegar is for weight loss.

2. Bugs

celebrity foods eating bugs

Angelina Jolie had been reported to have eaten cockroaches and crickets while traveling abroad.

Yes, it is true that people in some cultures eat bugs and insects as a source of nutrition and some health organization have even stated that insects like Crickets provide an inexpensive, abundant source of protein.

CONCLUSION: While eating bugs won’t cause weight loss, it has been found that some bugs do provide a low-cost, environmentally friendly source of nutrition and protein (which is probably better than most highly processed, synthetic foods out there).

3. Clay

diet foods clay

Eating clay ? Yes, Actress Shailene Woodley stated that “clay is one of the best things your can put into your body” because it “helps clean heavy metals” from your system.

In reality, it is definitely not a good idea to put non-food items like clay in your body. There are no studies or evidence showing the benefits of eating clay.

CONCLUSION:┬áStick to using clay for skin care but don’t eat it.