10 Health Issues You Can Diagnose Through Your Eyes

eye health exam

Many people don’t realize that health professionals can diagnose a wide range of health issues by looking in their eyes besides just vision health problems..

The eyes offer a way for doctors to see arteries, veins, and nerves in the body and can provide an early signal for important health conditions (Like health condition #2 seen in the Image below):

vision problems bulging eyes

In this article, we discuss 10 important health conditions that your eyes can signal.

# 1 Major Stress

Eye problems stress

Scientific studies have discovered a link between fluid buildup under the retina and excessive stress, which can cause blurry vision.

Fortunately, the fluid buildup ends up going away after around four months.

#2 Graves Disease

vision problems bulging eyes

If you have noticed that your eyes have begun to bulge out, chances are that you might have Graves Disease.

Graves Disease is the most common cause of bulging eyes and is caused when your thyroid gland starts to produce hormones that attack various muscles in the eye socket.

Women are 5-6 times more likely to have Graves Disease than men. Image

#3 High Blood Pressure

vision health blood pressure

If someone has high blood pressure, the blood vessels in the retina may become smaller or even expand, signalling that the blood supply to other areas is compromised.

#4 Inflammation

vision problems - inflammation

If your eyes look red without an obvious cause, there is a good chance that you might have inflammation within the eye itself, which can indicate swelling or inflammation in other areas of your body.

#5 Diabetes

Vision problems diabetes

As diabetes is one of the main causes of blindness, it can also be discovered through a medical eye exam.

If you are worried that you might have diabetes, check with an eye doctor and get their professional opinion.

#6 Poor Vision

Vision problems - Glasses

If you have to wear corrective lenses in order to see well, you probably are not getting enough vitamin A.

To help fight shortsightedness or farsightedness, try eating eating Vitamin A in your diet. Dark, leafy greens and carrots are loaded with vitamin A and other essential nutrients.

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#7 Your Intelligence Is Either Impressive Or Dull

vision health for intelligence

Studies have shown that smaller blood vessels in the eyes can indicate a vast intellect.

It therefore follows that people with wider and larger blood vessels in their eyes may have a significantly smaller intelligence quotient.

#8 Allergies

vision health irritated eye

Although the circles under your eyes can often be caused by lack of sleep, allergies are another culprit.

People who are allergic to anything that can cause your sinuses to clog, like pollen or animal hair, can make the mucous membranes inside your nose start to become inflamed.

Because of this, the blood will start to pool under your eyes, giving you the dark bags.

#9 Depression

vision problems depression

Scientific studies have found that people with depression are more likely to keep their eyes on negative things – like sad or terrible pictures – for longer than others who are not suffering from depression.

#10 The Nervous System

vision health issues

With certain nerve disorders like multiple sclerosis, you can detect these conditions early by looking at the eyes.

Considering that your optic nerves are actually part of the nervous system, if you have blurry vision or feel pain just from moving your eyes around, this may be an early sign of a damaged nervous system.

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